[ USS CHENANGO ]  A Personal Account of WWII San Diego Visit
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  San Diego Visit ...
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  There was work being done on Chenango, and we were in the process of gaining a new crew. I had some leave time coming so decided to take a short trip down the coast and visit my aunt Mame who was living in Glendale. It would be home coming for me as I had lived there and worked for the Lockheed Aircraft for a shot period of time. I got my leave papers in order, and was off on this mini trip. The visit went well, and then I decided to go a little further on and visit another place I enjoyed very much. San Diego. I hopped on that bullet train, and was there in short order.

When I got in town, I registered at the Y.M.C.A. I had been told that the "Y" was always a good place to stay, and reasonable. I loved it, the sun was shining, and all was well with the world. I could not count all of the "War Ships" at anchor. I must have looked at this site for an hour before I left, and returned to the "Y." I was told that the hot spot was Ocean Park on the beach. That would be where I would go.

That night I found myself at the beach, absorbing all of the sounds, and sights, and smells of this famous entertainment facility. I walked around and took it all in. I could also see the lights on the ships at anchors as well. Water taxies making runs to the ships bringing passengers back and forth. The lights were dazzling. There were plenty of sailors, single and couples. Everyone seemed to get along, but just in case, there were plenty of Shore Patrol handy. I thought of the short experience I had as a Shore Patrol, but only for a short time.

I struck up conversation with a young lady, and soon we were hand in hand walking down the midway. We enjoyed the rides, sandwiches, and drinks, and each others company. I told her that I had been assigned to a ship, an Aircraft Carrier. We talked at length, and I got a cab and took her home. I was tired when I returned back to the "Y". I remember most of the evening, but I can’t remember the girl’s name. It was not that the girl was not interesting. I just can’t remember it. This would happen until I met someone that I was really serious about. That would come much later.

When I returned back to Glendale I asked my aunt Mame if I could take her to a Favorite place of mine. Bob’s Big Boy hamburgers. This place was unreal; They had two police controlling the car traffic in and out of this place. They served the biggest and best burgers I have ever tasted. All in all I had a memorable leave. Now I was ready to return to my ship we would be casting off in a short time. As far as I was concerned I was ready. Playtime was over now it was time to get serious...

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