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  I found myself in California on several occasions. When I came on board the Chinango, I was to learn that Some of the old crew was being relieved from duty, and new crew was being added. There would be some time before all hands were aboard, and all supplies were laid in. This did give me chance for some quality liberty. I have always loved music, and through the forties, there were some great bands and combos that worked the various night clubs. I was even invited to an after hours club where some of the great musicians gathered and jammed. I was in awe.

And then I found the Pepsi Cola center. Food, drinks, cigarettes, and great entertainment. One act that came to the center was Donald O’Connor and Peggy Ryan. A dance team that made movies in the forties After their performance, they let the service personnel dance with them. I got to jitterbug with PEGGY. On another visit I got to talk with Sophy Tucker. What a personality, she was bigger than life. All of the worlds greatest performers played the Pepsi center and it never cost a dime. (Talk about war effort)

That great music and the girls to dance with, I almost forgot about Chinango. It seemed that all the girls spent what spare time they had, dancing and cheering up the boys. After Virginia, I was sure I was in heaven. I will forever remember The Pepsi Cola Center, and Bob Hope’s great performance. But that is another story.

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